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Thursday, January 13, 2011

konsep yg sesuai utk mengurangkan penggunaan bag plastik

Satu lagi langkah bijak utk berjimat dan disamping itu menjaga alam sekitar dr tercemar dan terpupus... maaf ye... artikel ni dlm bahasa inggeris... mama yana copy dan paste je kat sini...
Sumber dr inbox gmail mama yana.

No more plastic bag concept
Sustain A Bag!
Returning Service for more durable Shopping Bags

Of course, everybody could just always take a bag from home for groceries instead of taking the plastic bags from the shop. But you often come from work or decide spontaneously to buy something and then you end up with plastic bags again. At home you don‘t know if you should keep them, because you feel bad throwing them away, on the other hand you already have so many of them....
Services can make it convenient to „share“ a product with others. Many people have access to the same product, but don’t have to deal with the organisation of sharing it, the service is doing it for you. The car sharing system “Mobility” in Switzerland for example works exactly in this way, with several advantages: The product is always available when you need it. You save resources and end up with less waste, because the product is used to almost full capacity.
That’s why I designed a service to share shopping bags. At the shop desk you can get one of these bags. It is stronger then the little plastic bags and also more appealing. It’s not as personal as your individual handbag, but still has more identity and quality than a cheap plastic bag. After paying the deposit you take the grocery home. You can do this procedure several times, before bringing the collected bags back. Once in a while, when you’re not in a hurry and go to the supermarket from home, you return the collected space saving bags, maybe together with the empty PET- and beer bottles. After scanning them (RFID), you get your deposit back and the bags are going through an automatic cleaning process. Then they will be hanged back to the cash desk, well presented and clean, ready for the next customer to use.
With Shopping Bag Sharing we can eliminate the usage of harmful one-way plastic bags and replace them with a bag that offers you more comfort and excitement. At the same time, it results in a product with a longer lifetime and thus a reduced amount of waste and resources being used.

Choose for the Sharing Bag at the Supermarket.

It is easy to fill.

It's also wearable on the Shoulder.
A Padding in the Handle offers more Comfort.
Just take two if needed.
Take a Bag several times.
You can fold and store them at home...

...until you bring them back together.
At the Returning Point you receive your Deposit.

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