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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to lose 92kg per year and a half

 A resident of South Hampton, she lost 20 sizes without surgery. 25-year-old Gerriet Jenkins (Harriet Jenkins) with childhood overweight.


But after his father's death in 2003, a girl and does no longer look after themselves.

Got a job at a call center, American polnela by leaps and bounds. Then a good friend and gave her a special group of weight reduction as a first step towards weight loss.

Gerriet always dreamed of becoming a teacher of elementary grades, but she knew that children would taunt her.

However, the desire to fulfill the dream took over - and a girl who weighed 170 cm during the growth of entire 165 pounds, began to limit themselves in eating and exercise.

The first thing Jenkins almost completely changed his diet, replacing the semi-fast food and chocolate on the home-cooked meals with fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

As soon as the girl who is unemployed at the time, began to lose weight, it required daily activities was walking tour.

A little later it was replaced with regular workouts at the gym and jogging.

Already 18 months Gerriet rid of 20 ill-fated size and its weight is almost close to perfect mark - 73 kgs.

New Life Gerriet began when she was interviewed in place of primary school teacher at a local school.

"My confidence grew and I began to spend more time with friends. But the biggest achievement was when I stood in front of the class of children. "

It is worth noting that the winner of the award "Slimming the Year 2010" has never resorted to surgery - a stunning result was achieved only through a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

"I am proud to have learned to control my life and I do not think I would feel the same if it had the surgery."

Copy & Paste from inbox gmail.

Bagi sy kurus atau berisi, kita tetap orang yg sama cuma penampilan berbeza.......
suka perubahan gadis diatas.... perubahan yg dia buat dengan menggunakan keyakinan dan ketabahan semangat tanpa menggunakan perbedahan atau mengamalkan ubat-ubatan yg berunsur kimia...... kurus dengan cara terhormat..... solute for her....


eelobor said...

mama yana nie mungkin kurus orang nyer kut.

mama maman said...

kurus la sgt....hhheee...


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