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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Makan pasir pun boleh hidup..

This woman is from one Russian village.
She attracted our attention because of one weird fact about her. According to her words she is fond of eating sand.

Yes, just regular sand you can get from outside. This what she does – takes the bucketful of sand to bring home.
She didn’t tell how much she eats and why she does this. The only information was shared is that she is fond of doing this.

Notakaki: copy paste dr inbox gmail.

Best arr..... xyah susah2 nak kena keja susah.... lapar je gi belakang umah je...
tp umah mama xde tanah sgt arrr.... maklum ar umah yg bertingkat2... xde laman pun...
kalu laman pun laman konkrit je.....

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