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Monday, March 21, 2011

Kisah bidan di Afganistan​.

In Afghanistan, where war has not stopped for more than forty years, the highest child mortality rates in the world, but on the level of maternal mortality is the second largest country: every 27 minutes in Afghanistan, one woman dies. Because of conservative traditions in Afghanistan for women and girls have no access to education, work, health and other social resources of the country. However, women usually trained midwifery approved, even the most remote areas of Afghanistan. Sadiq Husseini, 24 years old, she lives in the village Tolad, near Bamiyan in western Afghanistan. She now works as a midwife, helping women gain access to essential health services, and save lives.

1. A newborn baby is in the hands of midwives in the maternity ward Khairkhan. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

2. Necessary for making a delivery tool for sterile tray in the hospital Khairkhan. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

3. Midwives, trainee learn to wash their hands before taking delivery in the college of midwives. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

4. Sadiq Hosseini examines a pregnant patient. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

5. Surayo, who is only months old, fast asleep on a pillow on the floor while her mother was talking with a garden Hosseini. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

6. A young mother Sadiq (center) with a newborn daughter Surayo says goodbye to its namesake, a local midwife Sadiq Hosseini. Sadiq came to visit his namesake and make sure she feels good and also give the mother some advice. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

7. Sadiq Hossein prepares a syringe with a contraceptive method for young patients. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

8. Local girls wash in the creek kitchen utensils. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

9. Sadiq Hosseini examines monthly Surayo. Sadiq attended college for the training of midwives in Bamiyan. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

10. Midwife-intern communicates with a patient who is about to give birth. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

11.Sadiq Hossein measures the pulse of the pregnant patient. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

12. Midwife-trainee with a newborn in a provincial hospital in Afghanistan. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

13. A worker of the local health authority Ozar Husseini suggests Najib, who already has five children to start taking the pill. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

14. Sadiq Hossein conducts educational meeting for women in the local medical center. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

15. Garden fills the leaflets with information on family planning center for patients. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

16. Sadiq Hossein communicates with a 20-year-old patient, who already has three children, the possibilities of birth control. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

17. Sadiq holds an educational meeting with illustrations. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

18. Running on call Sadiq Hosseini. (Kate Holt / eyevine / ZUMA)

sumber: email.

MY: sesungguhnya negara kita aman damai dan cukup lengkap ngan segala alat utk wanita terus menyambung zuriat.

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